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Why eZeSure?


1) Immediate Quote

Once you have entered your details the system will generate a spread of quotes based on the details you have provided with seconds , so there's practically, NO Waiting Around !

2) 25 Minute Activation

once you have chosen an option that suits you , all you neec to do is click
th "hook me up" button & this will prompt one of our call centre agents
to phone you & conclude the policy TELEPHONICALLY!
O to insured in under 30 minutes !!

Note that as the quotes given are quite accurate , they may change once underwriting information is confirmed , there exist a possibility that maybe some of the information supplied by you might turn out to be inaccurate, eg vehicle value, no claim bonus history etc.

3) Personal Broker

Even though you are taking out cover via ezesure , you still get to deal with a dedicated broker even before your policy is activated with the insurance company.

We will be glad to assist you with any assistance or queries you may have , plus we will always be your first point of contact for ALL your policy administration , claims etc

4) Near Instant Documentation

Service counts , & part of our service is to ensure you receive your policy documentation & a welcome pack from us within 48 hours , sometimes sooner. Proof of insurance will be E mailed or faxed to you THE SAME DAY you buy your cover , so you will have peace of mind regardless, so there's no waiting around your postbox for 3 weeks waiting for envelopes to arrive!

5) Direct Pricing

All quotes given are Comprehensive ( own damage , theft , fire , hijack , hail damage & 3rd party incl)

Roadside assistance Included as standard on all offerings.

Household contents optional , however some insurers may include minimum contents as compulsory as they may not insure motor only ( your quote breakdown will indicate this ) Car hire is available at an extra premium , usually not more than an extra R55 per month additional should you require this .

6) Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policy covers the treatment of personally identifiable information that we collect when you are on the
ezesure website. We will also not sell or rent your information to anyone,
Ezesure / Aquarius insurance consultants will send personally identifiable information about you to other peolple or companies when :

  • We have your consent to share your information
  • We Need to share your information to provide you with products & services you have requested
  • We need to send the information to companies with whom we have agencies with to provide a product or service to you. ( unless we tell you differently , these companies do not have any right to use the personally identifiable information we provide to them beyond what is necessary to assist us.)
  • we may send you newsletters from time to time but you have the option to refuse this value added service at any time.
  • Your confidentiality is guaranteed to remain within the scope of our work & business & No other party which is not an employee of our company will be privy to your info subject to points 2 & 3 above.

7) Free Tracking Devices

Should you choose the @tracking device option " ,

  1. we will arrange on your behalf FREE Fitment of the unit.
  2. Scheduling will take place within 24 hours
    installation certificates will be e mailed to you once fitment completed
  3. you only need to pay the airtime subscription separately from you premium via automatic debit order
  4. Matrix vehicle tracking is our preferred service provider & wehave a signed service level agreement with thm & you will be assured of superior service from them at all times.For unit specs click here.

8) Claims Submission

Simply call our call centre on 011 462 8980 & one of our claims operators will be glad to take you through the process step by step from registration to authorisation. It's that eZe!

9) FAIS Act Compliant

eZeSure is bought to you by Aquarius Insurance consultants , an authorised financial services provider. ( Fais licence ~14576 ).

We work within the legislation of the Financial Advisory & Intermediary
Services Act. We are also members of the FIA ( Financial Intermediaries Associaton) & abide
by their strict code of conduct.

10) Business Insurance

Via Aquarius Insurance Consultants we can arrange cover for just about any type of Business whether you have a medical practice, general office , manufacturer, retailer, florist, hairdreser, transport company & countless other types of business concerns, we can insure it.

Whats really advantageous is that we are an indpendent company & can otbain quotes from most of the biggest commercial insurers in the country.

For a quote click here or call our offices on 011 462 8980.

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