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Insurance Quotes Online

Insurance Quotes Online, is a true online insurance quote facility that will generate an instant car & house quote for you in real time, effectively you will be saving yourself a lot of time & effort, plus there's NO waiting around for brokers or call centre agents to bombard you with phone calls & hard sell techniques.

You have the power in your hands & at your convenience & privacy to view your own insurance quotes instantly & online.

With technology advancing all the time , we understand that consumers want instant gratification , insurancequotesonline.co.za / ezesure.co.za have taken the online insurance request form a step further & integrated it into our multiple quote system , so once you have entered all your details , the system will generate multiple quotes from different insurers on the panel so you can pick & choose at your own leisure & at your own pace , whether you go direct or not.

Currently on offer is car & household insurance which you can take either on its own or combined . The service is free & you may use it as many times as you wish. All quotes for car & home contents are Comprehensive. New insurers are being added to the spread as time goes by so visit our site periodically to see any changes & calculate yourself a true online insurance quote.

As part of our service we also offer free installation of tracking devices . 4x4 vehicles are also accommodated on our panel, ( as are your normal sedan car, single cab bakkie, double cab bakkie, LDV's, SUV's . Minibus / Taxi owners please call in for quote) .

Should you not be satisfied with the spread of quotes currently on offer, you are most welcome to call our offices on 011 462-8980 to request your quotes telephonically as well.

Safe motoring & thank you for using our online insurance quote facility.

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